Your chimney sweep in Linköping, Valdemarsvik and Atvidaberg

The fire protection in our homes is of great importance. We have long experience of working with preventative measures regarding fire protection and indoor environment. With us you will find both the rough job, used to clean dust and shovel soot, but you also find the consultant – who calculates air flows and energy consumption, and who comes up with suggestions for better environment and economy.
We work impartially and are not bound to any specific products or suppliers.

Chimney sweep

The fire protection in our homes is of great importance. Careful cleaning and cleaning of fireplaces, smoke ducts and exhaust ducts reduces the risk of fires. We carry out all kinds of cleaning and cleaning jobs with…


We have many years of experience in improving ventilation in Linköping, Valdemarsvik and Åtvidaberg. We believe that our experience and knowledge, combined with your experiences can give a good start to the climate work in your property…

Fire protection

The risks are great if your plant is not managed properly. It is you who is ultimately responsible for the fire safety of your property. The purpose of fire protection control is to detect errors at an early stage …


We carry out inspections of fireplaces and smoke channels. With modern equipment we help you with video filming, location and smoke pressure testing of fireplaces and smoke channels. For your fire safety.

Mandatory ventilation control

Poor indoor environment in many homes, schools and other premises has in recent years caused increasing health problems. The most important step to remedy the problems is to improve …

Density testing of houses

Density testing is done to determine the density of the building, ie the unwanted air infiltration that takes place between building elements. Density testing is an excellent tool for building contractors and end customers to avoid short and long-term problems.

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