We offer preventative measures
fire protection and indoor environment

Our company has long experience of working with preventative measures regarding fire protection and indoor environment. With us you will find both the rough job, used to clean dust and shovel soot, but you also find the consultant – who calculates air flows and energy consumption, and who comes up with suggestions for better environment and economy. We work impartially and are not bound to any specific products or suppliers.

We are wearing Linköpings, the municipality is tasked with cleaning and cleaning fire control. Our other clients include everything from individual property owners, primarily in Valdemarsvik and Åtvidaberg, to the large construction, real estate and management companies. The company has a good credit rating and employs fifteen employees.

The operations are certified for most of the work tasks that occur and also fulfill the most common quality assurance. Of course we are members of Sveriges Skorstensfejaremästares Riksförbund.

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