Ventilation Cleaning

Our properties must be ventilated so that pollution generated indoors is removed. Ventilation is also needed so that the building itself is not destroyed by moisture and mold. A functioning ventilation is the prerequisite for a healthy and healthy property.

Unless the ventilation ducts are cleaned properly at regular intervals, dust and dirt will reduce the air flow through the ducts. This also forms a breeding ground for mites and bacteria. The risk of bacterial growth is particularly high if there is moisture in the ducts at the same time.

The number of people with allergies is increasing sharply and much indicates that it is precisely the indoor air that is the main cause of it. Regular service and maintenance is also important to preserve the value of technical installations. Use the root extraction for the ventilation cleaning. Contact us for more information.

Three different types of ventilation systems in villas

1. Natural ventilation (S-system)
2. Mechanical exhaust air (F-system)
3. Mechanical supply and extract air with recycling (FTX-system)

Self Routing System

Available in older houses and operated by natural laws, often via a brick chimney. For self-sufficiency to function, sufficient and large outdoor air devices are needed that can let in the air and that the exhaust air ducts are open. In a self-draw system, a spindle net may be sufficient to obstruct air flow. In summer, the effect is worse. Due to the uneven efficiency, the bathroom fan and stove fan are often installed.

Mechanical exhaust air system

Came in the 1970s and often consists of a fan mounted on the roof top where the ventilation ducts from the kitchen, bathroom and toilet have been drawn. In the kitchen there is a cooker with grease filter that catches the oset. In recent years, these systems have been connected to an extract air heat pump instead of a ceiling fan. When the heat pump is installed, a separate cooker fan is also usually installed so that the pump’s filter does not germinate again too quickly.

Mechanical supply and exhaust systems

Mechanical supply and exhaust air systems with recycling came in the 1980s. Here, air is sucked in from the outside and heated by the passing exhaust air via a heat exchanger. The fan then blows the preheated air into the bedroom and living room. In addition to cleaning that also needs to be done in the F system, it is important in the FTX system to keep the gear package and filters in the units clean.

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