Fire Control

The risks are great if your plant is not managed properly. It is you who is ultimately responsible for the fire safety of your property. In accordance with the provisions of the Act (2003: 778) on accident prevention, the cleaning district on behalf of the municipality performs a check of your facility’s fire safety at certain intervals. The purpose of fire protection control is to detect faults and deficiencies at the plant at an early stage, which may pose a risk of fire.

The fire protection control may only be carried out by the person appointed by the municipality and who is authorized to carry out fire protection control. Only fire-trained sooters with special continuing education are allowed to carry out fire protection checks.

The purpose of the fire protection control is to detect faults and deficiencies at the plant at an early stage which may involve risks of fire. If any deficiencies or errors are discovered during the inspection, which means that there is a risk of an accident other than a fire, the person carrying out the inspection shall also state this.

The plant should be checked against the background of how the following factors affect fire protection:

• Soot formation and coatings
• Damage or alteration of the technical design
• Temperature conditions
• Pressure conditions and tightness
• Operation and maintenance

The fire protection control includes the entire heating system as well as the roof and roof protection devices. Therefore, the person performing the control must have access to all the parts of the house that the chimney passes. The fire protection check shall be carried out at intervals determined by the MSB (Swedish Agency for Social Protection and Emergency Preparedness). Depending on which facility you have and how it is used, the intervals are 3 or 6 years.

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