We carry out inspections of fireplaces and smoke channels. With modern equipment we help you with video filming, location and smoke pressure testing of fireplaces and smoke channels. For your fire safety!

Fireplace inspection and chimney

Do not forget to carry out inspection of the fireplace and chimney, among other things. on the occasions below.

• Replacement or alteration of fireplace.
• If the fireplace has not been in use for a long time.
• After soot fire.
• New installation.
• Rebuilding.
• New construction.
• Blasting, piling or ground work.
• Inspection in connection with sales.

We have extensive research equipment. Prior to the installation of a fireplace, some questions arise. Is there a flue, is it usable? Where should the fireplace be placed? What fireplace should I choose, do I need to install a new chimney?

We have the equipment and knowledge to help you.

Your ventilation in the house has a big impact on how a fireplace works right in your home. Do you think the air is bad, does it smell from the kitchen in the WC or worse – on the contrary? Is there any ventilation at all? The chimney sweeper is impartial and does not decide which manufacturer to choose. However, we are happy to give tips on the pros and cons of different models. The chimney sweep is an objective resource in society!