OVK – Mandatory ventilation control

Poor indoor environment in many homes, schools and other premises has in recent years caused increasing health problems. The most important measure to overcome these problems is to improve ventilation, which has led the Riksdag and the government to introduce new rules on mandatory ventilation control, OVK.

On January 1, 1992, the “Regulation on Functional Control of Ventilation Systems” came into force. It is part of the Swedish constitutional collection and is designated SFS 1991: 1273. The Swedish Housing Agency has, with the support of the regulation, issued regulations concerning intervals for the control. It is the building owner who will ensure that OVK takes place.

Functional checks shall be carried out according to the following intervals:
• Nurseries, schools, nursing homes and the like. – 3 year inspection interval
• Supply and exhaust ventilated apartment buildings and offices – 3 year inspection interval
• Extracted ventilated apartment buildings and offices – 6 years inspection interval
• Self-contained ventilated apartment buildings and offices – 6 year inspection interval
• One- and two-dwelling houses with supply and extract air ventilation – only first inspection